Low fat moderately toasted soft soybean powder Biopro 20

Low fat moderately toasted soft soybean powder (Biopro 20) is manufactured of healthy, hulled soybean , by a special hydrothermal treatment within which oil is extracted out and anti nutritious soybean factors are deactivated.

Hydrothermal treatment of soybean without the use of chemical reagents provides products, which contain high quality proteins and essential amino acids, soybean oil, lecithin, protective nutritious ingredients, minerals and vitamins soluble in fats. Biopro 20 is characterized, beside extreme nutritious value and good functional characteristics: excellent dispersion and absorbs fats, improves structure and possesses extremely anti oxidative activity.

Chemical Composition: proteins-min 48%; fats-min 6%; cellulose-max 1%; ash-max 6%

minerals/100 kilos: calcium-69%, phosphor 365 mg, ferrum –11 mg.

Characteristics: High digestibility; high level of proteins of exceptionally high quality; high level of amino acids; lowered level of fats; good emulsifier and stabilizer; good anti oxidative activity.

Effects: Makes better nutritious value. Characteristics of a product, improves sustainability of a final product.

The Usage: Biopro is used in meat and bakery industry

Protein solubility: minimum 30% in PDI value.
Granulation: minimum 90% less than 0,160 mm
Colour: light yellow
Flavour: specific for product
Odour: specific for product
Energetic value : 1.600 kJ/100 g
Minerals and vitamins: Iron - 11 mg, Calcium - 69 mg, Phosphorus -365 mg. Correction of the Calcium-Phosphorus ratio can be successfully done with addition of whey powder (2-5%) to ratio of 1:1,67. Concerning the vitamins, it must be emphasized vitamine E, and B-complex vitamins, especially vitamine B6 and niacine. Carbohydrates: in this product there are aproximately 32.6%, but only 5-6% are converted to the suggar that organism can use, so it can be recomended to the diabetics diet.

Product usage:
It can be used in food industry (bakery, meat, confectionery, candy industry and pasta foods). It contains high percent of proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Product is good emulsifier and stabilisator. It have a good water and fats apsorbtion, and functions like antioxidant. It can be used in production of bread and other baked goods and pastry with higher biologycal value. In confectionery industry is used in production of biscuits, sauces, creams, for nutritive beverages, puddings and ice-creams.
Storing conditions: Soybean powder is stored at the clean, ventilated space, far from products that can affect powder quality. Bags need to be stacked on palettes 15-20 cm from the floor, up do 10-15 bags in height. It is forbiden to put bags directly on the floor, or to put them against wall.