Full fat moderately toasted soft soybean powder Biopro 30

Fully fat moderately toasted soft soybean powder (Biopro 30) is manufactured of healthy, hulled soybean, by a special hydrothermal treatment within which oil is not extracted out. Hydrothermal treatment of soybean provides a product of high nutritious and biological value with deactivated anti nutritious factors without the usage of chemical reagents by which usability of proteins is improved. Besides, natural ratio of high value proteins, soybean oil, lecithin, minerals, and vitamins soluble in fats remains uninterrupted.

Biopro 30 is important due to its functional characteristics: emulsification, stabilization and retaining of water, prevention of rancidness of fats- due to naturally high content of tocopherol. By the use of Biopro 30 powder nutritious value is increased, organolephtic characteristics are improved, as well as sustainability of final product. In bakery industry, it is used in quantities from 15-20%, computed at quantity of wheat powder depending on designing of a product for a purpose (high protein bread, bread for diabetics, etc.).

By adding Biopro 30 to bread economy is improved, due to use of greater quantity of water while forming dough, improvement of nutritious value, quality and color of crust. In conditors industry it is used as an addition for improving nutritious value and quality of conditor products, in quantities of up to 10 %. The usage of Bio pro 30 lessens consumption of eggs and fats, improves distribution of fats and sugar.

Chemical Composition: proteins-min 38%, oil-min 18%, celluloses-max 3.5%, ash-max 6%.

Characteristics: High digestibility, high protein level of extremely good quality, high level of amino acids, high level of fats, good emulsifier and stabilizer, good anti oxidative activity.

Effects: Improves nutritious value, improves organoleptic characteristics of product, improves sustainability of final product.

The Usage: Biopro 30 is used in condhitor and bakery industry

It is used in food industry

Shelf life: 12 months

Storing conditions
: Soybean powder should be stored at the dry
and cold storage.