BP Energy

BP Energy – BP Energy is emulsifier produced by homogeneous mixing of soybean proteins, stabilizers and condensates. Besides its extreme nutritious value, it possesses extreme functionality due to which it represents an economic alternative compared to soybean isolates and functional concentrates, which replaces in the system of emulsification 1: 1. BP- Energy is successfully used as an emulsifier in making various meat products in quantity 2-3% and it is added in dry conditions into cutter or mixer and has a capacity of emulsion  - 1: 7: 7. By the use of BP Energy improves the structure, juiciness and carving of product. And in consideration that the same is resistant to various influences, which are connected with meat processing technology (salt, pH, thermal treatment, etc.) it may be used without deviation of existing manufacturing process.

Chemical Composition:

proteins-min 45%, fats-max 6%, cellulose-max 4%, and moisture-max-8%.

Physical Characteristic:

color- light yellow, taste- pleasant, and energy value- 1, 400 C/110 kg.


High emulsification capacity, simple manner of application, it does not make dust while dosing, tolerant on changes of pH and salts.


It improves structure of a product, improves carving of product and improves economy of manufacturing.

The Usage:

In meat industry.