Baking Industry
SOYBEAN LECITHIN is used as an emulsifier in production of all types of breads and other baked goods, particularly those where fats are added. It is used in the range of 0,3-0,5 % of wheat flour content, depending on the flour quality and type of product. SOYBEAN LECITHIN improves fat dispersion in liquid component of dough, enhances rheological properties of dough, crumb porosity and elasticity, increases loaf volume and prolongs freshness of baked products. In baking industry lecithin can be used individually, or in combination with other emulsifier.
Confectionery Industry
SOYBEAN LECITHIN is used in production of confectionery products, particularly in all types of chocolates, various types of chocolate products and toppings at levels of up to 1,0% of other ingredients. In addition to favourable effects on technological properties of products, SOYBEAN LECITHIN has the expressed dietetic and dietotherapeutic effects.
Dietetics and Parapharmaceutics
SOYBEAN LECITHIN is a product with the expressed dietetic and therapeutical properties. By protecting and preserving the cardiovascular and nervous systems from risks (effects the brain cell regeneration), SOYBEAN LECITHIN extends the working ability and
has beneficial effects on therapy of pathophysiological conditions that have already appeared. For this reason it can be used for production of various dietetic products, such as dietetic preparations for additional nutrition of sportsmen and for those who do exercises, cardiotonics, neurotonics and other similar products.