About Adisseo and Soya Feeds.

Adisseo’s mission is to contribute to improving the food chain as a reference partner providing support to key actors in animal nutrition, including feed producers, premixers and integrators.

Adisseo carries out this mission in all regions of the world and in more than 100 countries thanks to its key products (methionine, vitamins and enzymes) and related services. A historic creator and developer in our industry, our vocation has always been to optimize the performances of our products, processes and services by ensuring their control and their quality to protect humans, animals and the environment. Our commitment to constant improvement and the quest for excellence ensure our present and future success. With this in mind, and to always meet our customers’ needs, Adisseo is investing in its production facilities to improve our competitiveness and increase our capacities.

Rhodimet® is a source of methionine, an amino acid that is essential for all animals. Amino acids are the structural elements of all plant and animal proteins.

Animals are unable to synthesize some of these amino acids, called essential amino acids, on their own. They have to be supplied in their food. As the methionine content in raw plant materials is insufficient, synthetic methionine complements must be added to their feed. Adisseo proposes two formulations under the Rhodimet® brand: Rhodimet® AT 88, a concentrated liquid source of methionine that is particularly well suited to modern, automated feed factories, and Rhodimet® NP 99, in powder form for use in premixes or in non-automated feed factories.Rhodimet® is positioned as the market reference

Microvit® A and E are stabilized vitamin A and E formulations that are adapted to the constraints of animal feed production, where they are used in very small quantities and have to undergo various types of technological processing. Adisseo also proposes a complete line of certified vitamins for the animal feed industry with Microvit® Portfolio: customers thus have a source of vitamins with consistently high quality and reliable supplies that meet the most stringent traceability conditions. With Microvit® A, E and Portfolio, Adisseo is the partner for premixers. We offer a wide range of certified vitamins, guaranteeing their quality, their traceability and their safety, while continuing to provide our expertise and innovations

Rovabio® is an enzyme preparation that improves the digestibility of certain raw materials for animals, poultry and hogs and contributes to a better breeding environment.

With Rovabio® Max and Rovabio® Excel, Adisseo provides multi-species, multi-ingredient and multi-application solutions to maximize animal performances. These solutions help to improve the nutritional value of feed and make it possible to use more raw materials and to reduce phosphorous emissions from farms. Rovabio® is the reference product in the market for NSP enzymes (non-amylaceous polysaccharides) thanks to Adisseo’s expertise in the enzyme field and an unequaled panel of services. Adisseo will continue to innovate in enzymes and to propose quality products that are adapted to each customer.

With Smartamine® and MetaSmart®, Adisseo proposes a unique line of methionine for dairy cows that is a product of Adisseo’s patented technologies.

They enable methionine to resist the aggressiveness of rumen to make it bioavailable. Smartamine® M is a protected methionine that increases the protein content in milk. Metasmart is a bioavailable methionine for dairy cows which improves milk production and protein content as well as butterfat content.