Soya Oil

Raw Soybean Oil

Raw soybean oil has been manufactured by hydrothermal treatment after pressing stage of soybean toasted, without separation of lecitine. Soybean oil has a very good nutritious value due to high content of lynol acid, liecitin, fitosterol, tocoferol with anti oxidative activity, vitamins soluble in water, likewise. Due to high content of lecithin, raw soybean oil protects cardio vascular system and strongly influences on production of brain cells. Makes easier hardships in menopause, it helps in prevention and curing of osteopathy (osteoporosis) and many other patophysiological states.

Chemical Composition: water and evaporable materials-0, 08%, total tocopherols and tokotrienols (mg/kg) – 1326 phosphor /phosphatides –0, 017%; fat acids: C 12:0 ND, C 14:0 ND, C 16: 0 12, 82%, C 18:0 3,08%, C 18: 1 25, 89%, C 18:2 51, 47%, C 18: 3 6, 69%, C 20: 0 ND. Metabolic energy 30, 438 KY/ 100 g.

Characteristics: It is produced without chemical additives, of soybeans, which is not genetically modified. It enables good dispersion of particles and control of crystallization.

Effects: Every day use of it helps in prevention and curing of many illnesses. It supplies organism with essential fat acids and vitamins soluble in fats.

Usage: Raw soybean oil has been used for salads and toppings and various kinds of dressings.