Eko Fish Meal


EKOFISH MEAL is a herbal replacement for fish meal, composed of domestic feeds of known origin and verified quality (products based on thermally processed soybean, herbal protein, yeast, fat, refined oil, minerals, vitamins and other ingredients) The aim of producing a fish meal replacement is to achieve a protein-rich and high quality herbal product that changes the nutritive characteristics of fish meal, thus avoiding all its negative components. Ekofish meal is a very tasty and easy digestible feed, wich represent a unique source of protein, essential amino acids, soybean oil, lecithin, minerals and vitamins soluble in fat. It is produced using modern technological equipment th at enables an output of hygienically correct and health-safe feed.

Herbal protein-rich feed EKOFISH MEAL is a long waited product on the market which completely substitutes fish meal, avoiding all its negative effects (such as various deseases due to animal proteins, very strong smell passing on eggs, milk and meat, proteins that easily decays, and decomposition of proteins to the harmful products under the influence of microorganisms). For such shortcommings, many countries have banned fish meal.

This basic feed are highly concentrated soybean proteins enriched with other additives, which completely substitute fish meal (proteins, energetic values, and minerals and all other aspects).


*Better sconsumption

*Rapid growth 

*Better conversion 


*Exceptionally high quality protein 

*High level of essential amino acids 

*Easily digestable 

*High level of total fats

*Lasting and durable 

*Economically efficient 

Chemical Composition; Proteins min 60%, Fat min 5%, Cellulose max 3%, Ash max 8%, Water max 8%

Minerals: Calcium 0,9% , Phosphor 0,6%, Ferrum 130 mg, Copper 16 mg

The Usage:In the animal feed industry