Biopro 32

Full fat enzyme active soft powder Biopro 32

Fully fat enzyme active soft soybean powder. Fully fat enzyme active soft powder (Biopro 32) is manufactured by a particular process in which soybean is processed within which natural ration of proteins is saved, soybean oil, lecithin, minerals and vitamins soluble in fats.

Enzyme active soybean powder is used in manufacturing special kinds of bread and rolls and cookies. It is an excellent means for powder whitening due to activity of enzyme lypoxigenasis. It influences an increase of dough volume, as well as preservation of freshness of a product.

It improves nutritiousness, organoleptic characteristics and appearance of bakery products.

Enzyme active soybean powder is recommended in diets to people allergic on celiac glutens, as well as to children with autism. Besides, this sort of soybean powder is successfully used in soybean milk production.

Chemical composition: proteins-min 38%, oil-min 18%, celluloses –max 3,5%, ash-max 6%.

Characteristics: High digestibility, high protein level of extremely good quality, high level of essential amino acids, high level of fats, good emulsifier and stabilizer, good anti oxidative activity.

Effects: Improves nutritious value, improves organoleptic characteristics of product, improves sustainability of final product.

Usage: Biopro 32 is used in bakery industry. It is used in food industry

Shelf life: 6 months

Storing conditions: Soybean powder should be stored at the dry and cold storage.