SOPRO-PEAB Full-Fat Enzyme Active Soybean Flour

Packing: SOPRO-PEAB is packed in valve type paper bags (net weight 25 kg). Each individual package is labelled with data for quality and quantity identification of product.
Storing: Keep in cool and dry places, protected from the outside influences. Shelf life: 6 months


Baking Industry
SOPRO-PEAB is recommended for baking industry as an oxidative aid for wheat flour bleaching due to natural presence of lipoxygenase enzyme. For lower quality flour, the addition of SOPRO-PEAB prevents dough spreading. It is used in the range of 0,3-0,5% of wheat flour content, depending on the flour quality and the type of final product. SOPRO-PEAB is mixed with wheat flour in dry form and the addition of water into dough
must be increased by 1:1 due to addition of SOPRO-PEAB. It is an excellent ingredient for production of additives for baking industry.

SOPRO-PEAB is a product prepared in a special processing procedure from selected soybeans with higher protein content. The natural balance between proteins with high dispersibility, soybean oil, lecithin, minerals and fat soluble vitamins has remained undisturbed in this product. SOPRO-PEAB is important due to its high nutritive and biological value, as well as its functional properties. It is an excellent bleaching agent for wheat flour affected by lipoxygenase enzyme activity. In order to inactivate the antinutritive factors, there has to be a subsequent heat treatment of products in which SOPRO-PEAB has been incorporated..