SOPRO-PTB Full-fat Toasted Soybean Flour

Packing: SOPRO-PTB is packed in valve type paper bags (net weight 25 kg). Each individual package is labelled with data for quality and quantity identification of product.
Storing: Keep in cool and dry places, protected from the outside influences. Shelf life: 6 months


Baking Industry
SOPRO-PTB is used as an additive to improve nutritive value, enhance quality (particularly crust development) and prolongue freshness of bread and other baked products. It can be used at levels from 15 to 20% of wheat flour content, depending on expected effects and intended use of product (high protein bread, bread for diabetic patients, etc.). The addition of water should be increased proportionally. In addition, parallel gluten flour usage is recommended, particularly to obtain better crumb structure.
Confectionery Industry
SOPRO-PTB is used as an additive to improve nutritive value and quality of confectionery products at the level of up to 10%, particularly to increase protein content, which is very important as these products are intended for younger consumers. In biscuits production it is used at the level of up to 2% of wheat flour content, allowing easier dough machinability. SOPRO-PTB permits reduction in egg and fat usage and has a considerable influence on economy due to higher yield. Also, SOPRO-PTB improves fat dispersion and consistency, prevents fat separation, slows water migration and delays sugar recrystallisation.

SOPRO-PTB Full-fat Toasted Soybean Flour

SOPRO-PTB is a product prepared by a special processing procedure from selected soybeans with higher protein content. The natural balance between high valuable proteins, soybean oil, lecithin, minerals and fat-soluble vitamins is remained undisturbed in this product. By an adequate heat treatment, the antinutritive factors have been inactivated thus increasing protein availability. SOPRO-PTB is important due to its high nutritive and biological value, as well as its functional properties: emulsification, stabilization of O/W and W/O emulsions, water absorption and binding. It prevents fat rancidity as a result of its naturally high tocopherol content.