SOPRO-UTB/UTG Defatted Lightly Toasted Soybean Flour/Grits

It’s about effervescence…

Packaging: SOPRO-UTB/UTG is packed in valve type paper bags (net weight 25 kg) or in big bags (net weight 900 kg). Each individual package is labelled with the data for quality and quantity identification of product.
Storing: Keep in cool and dry places, protected from the outside influences. Shelf life: 12 months


SOPRO-UTB/UTG can be used as a raw material in processing procedure of textured products, soybean concentrates and isolates.

Baking Industry
SOPRO-UTB is used as an excellent bleaching agent for bread crumb, due to partially retained enzyme lipoxygenase activity. Usually, it is used in production of special bread for crumb colour bleaching, with no effect on flavour and odour despite the higher dosage levels. It is used in production of regular and special breads and other baked products, in the range of 3,0-10,0 % of wheat flour content, depending on the expected effects and
intended use of the product, with gluten flour addition, if necessary. SOPRO-UTB serves as a corrector for the desired protein level. In addition, SOPRO-UTB improves rheological properties of dough, middle of the bread structure and crust colour development. The amount of added water should be increased proportionally which results with the extended keeping quality and longer shelflife.
Pasta Industry
SOPRO-UTB is recommended in production of special types of pasta products (pasta with soy, protein pasta, high protein pasta, pasta for diabetic patients) at the levels of 12-30% of wheat flour content in order to improve the nutritive and biological value of pasta products. SOPRO-UTB reduces stickiness and extensibility, increases water absorption capacity and improves dough handling properties. In addition, dough bleaching is achieved thanks to lipoxygenase activity.

SOPRO-TB is a product prepared by an up-to-date processing procedure from selected, dehulled soybeans with higher protein content. It is the unique source of protein, respectively essential amino acids and protective ingredients, minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for total metabolism. By an adequate heat treatment the antinutritive factors have been inactivated thus increasing protein availability. SOPRO-TB is important due to its high nutritive and biological value and its functional properties. It is an excellent emulsifier and stabilizer. It has high capacity of water absorption and binding, improved dispersibility, fat adsorption, protein network formation, structure enhancing and antioxidative ability.